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Getting older doesn’t have to mean sitting around in elastic waistband pants in doctors’ offices.

And preparing for it doesn’t require an army of personal trainers and natural foods chefs.

Hi I’m Maria, and I want to inspire you not to accept poor health, constant fatigue, low energy, and even lower libido (what’s a libido?) as things that come with age.

I’m in my 50s and have experienced every life stage from menstruation to menopause. I know what it’s like to feel like crap because that is exactly how I felt when I turned 40.

Doctors wanted to pump me up with anti-anxiety drugs and threw a few supplements at me for good measure. I knew there had to be a better way, so I went back to school to learn everything I could about healthy aging and hormone balance.

Fast forward 10 years and I now help women just like you lose weight, feel great and have the energy to enjoy their ‘second act’..

A big part of my method includes using the DUTCH complete hormone test. I’m a bona fide DUTCH test expert and am one of the few people that truly knows how to use this test to make a difference in your health and life. I’m called on regularly by women who’ve already had this test done with other practitioners and still have more questions than answers.

have you visited the doctor, did testing, only to hear ‘you’re fine’ or worse, you’re handed the ‘this is what it’s like to get older’

are you ready to restore your health and reclaim your life?

Let’s see if we can break through some of your current health barriers.
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your doctor means well, BUT...

Your doctor means well and is definitely your ally when it comes to acute disease or emergency situations, but the sad truth is that he or she is ill-equipped to help you age beautifully and with your vitality intact.

  • Did your libido pack up and leave and you really want it back?
  • Does your energy crash which has you drinking that 3rd cup of coffee just to make it through the day?
  • Do you forget words, or why you walked into a room (otherwise known as brain fog)?
  • Does the word ‘blah’ describe how you feel most days of the week?
  • Does your weight affect your ability to connect with your partner on the level that you desire?

i don't replace your doctor...

Instead, I use targeted testing, transformative protocols, coaching and accountability to help you reclaim your vitality.

If you’re experiencing vague symptoms like lying awake at night, fatigue that doesn’t let up, mood swings, PMS, bloating and weight gain or more dramatic signs like hot flashes and night sweats, it’s likely that you have a hormone imbalance.

If any of this sounds like you, I have a simple next step.

You know your body best and you know that something is not quite right and moreover, you just feel unwell. If this is you, then the logical next step is to apply for a free consultation call with me.

Trouble losing weight? Feeling the effects of unbalanced hormones?

Let me help! Grab my 3 part video series!


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