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How to Add Value to Your Coaching on Women’s Health

Hormone Balance Made Simple + DUTCH testing

Are you a health coach who wants to learn more about hormone balance and the DUTCH test? Would you like to be able to use the DUTCH test in your business to help women? The focus of my work is women’s hormone balance, perimenopause and menopause. If you’d like to learn more about how to support women during these phases or just want to learn more about
hormones in general, you can join my live mentorship for health coaches which runs twice per year.

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Are you a health coach who needs support for your own health and realize the value of another pair of eyes on your health? Are you struggling despite your best efforts? I’ve worked with several health coaches, fitness trainers and physician assistants and have helped them regain balance. If we’re a right fit, I’d love to coach you as you work on improving your own health. You can schedule an appointment via the button below.

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Are you an aspiring health coach? Do you have questions about how to break into the field?

See my blog post that details my journey here:

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