There are 100 million women worldwide over the age of 45 that are struggling with fluctuating hormones.

Can you help them?

Weight gain. Low mood. Low libido. Hot flashes.

These are just some of the symptoms women are experiencing daily and they can’t figure out what’s wrong. They’re miserable and they want answers.

I know, because I was one of them.

At 42, I went into perimenopause and by age 47, I was fully menopausal. My highly acclaimed NYC holistic doctor wanted to put me on a truckload of supplements, hormones, and a risky bone health drug.

Yes, that was the treatment from a holistic doctor.

No, thank you.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I studied nonstop and found the answers to my problems.

Fast forward several years, I now work with hundreds of women (with the same struggles I had) to help them balance their hormones and live a happy & healthy life. I can teach you to do the same thing.

Are you…

• Tired of turning away clients that have complex health issues?

• Unsure about what steps to take so your clients get results?

• Ready to stand out in the wellness industry and get raving fans?


How amazing it would feel if one of these women struggling to find answers contacted you and you were able to confidently help her. Now you can with…

Hormone Balance Made Simple & DUTCH Testing for Wellness Professionals

This 12 week mentorship is for health & wellness professionals who want to learn how to use and interpret the DUTCH test…in order to empower clients, get them results, and to grow a waitlist practice.

Your clients are trying to eat right, exercise, and manage their stress, but…they’re still not getting healthy.


What if you could help them find relief from their symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, excess belly fat, and low libido?

⇒ What if you could help them avoid the  overwhelm from the information that floods the internet (which is often outdated or incomplete)?

 What if you had the confidence to work with more clients, help them reconnect with their body, and get their hormones in tip-top shape?


For so many women, hormone balance is the elusive missing piece. What your clients need is mentorship, guidance, encouragement and sometimes, more in-depth testing.

This mentorship program will help you get there.

Hormones run our lives…but they don’t have to ruin our lives. – Maria Claps

During this easy-to-understand program, you’ll:

  • have a thorough understanding of sex and adrenal hormones, so you can help your clients balance them properly

  • get the most up-to-date information on hormones and hormone receptor health (unlike any other hormone course!)

  • learn how to interpret the DUTCH complete hormone test, so your clients can get answers!

  • be able to get your own account with Precision Analytical (the DUTCH test lab) and offer a discounted test to your clients

  • receive business and implementation coaching from me, on how you can use the DUTCH test in your coaching practice, to build your business and serve your clients better!

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Getting Started

  • Welcome to the course success tips
  • DUTCH test how to access your discount code
  • Business building documents
  • How to get your own account with the DUTCH test lab

Module 1:
Hormones 101

  • Setting the stage for a deep understanding of the endocrine system
  • Adrenals and cortisol: the real story
  • How hormones change through the decades and why it matters

Module 2:
Hormone Testing University

  • The 4 main methods of hormone testing
  • Understanding and thoroughly evaluating cortisol
  • The cortisol curve, sunshine and the brain

Module 3:
The Female Sex Hormones

  • Estrogen, progesterone and receptor health (the forgotten element in hormone balance)
  • Low + High Estrogen Strategies
  • Metabolites of estrogen and the older woman
  • The basics of estrogen genetics

Module 4:
The Mighty Androgens:
Not Just for Men

  • The scoop on DHEA and testosterone
  • Toxins and hormones: accept, understand, avoid

 Module 5:
The DUTCH Test Extra Markers

  • Melatonin
  • Vitamins B12 and B6
  • 8OhDG (understanding this crucial marker for inflammation)
  • The crucial importance of glutathione and what happens when it’s too low
  • The neurotransmitter markers

 Module 6:
Hormone Therapy & Menopause

  • Hormone Therapy  + the Heart
  • Hormone Therapy  + the Bones
  • Hormone Therapy  + the Brain

Ready to Stand out in the sea of health coaches?

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Hormone Balance Made Simple + DUTCH Testing for Wellness Professionals will establish you as a premier hormone health coach.

You truly can’t learn these strategies, tips and tools anywhere else. I’ve turned complex (and often confusing) hormone training on its head and created an easy-to-follow program, so you can coach with ease.

Distinguish your clinical and competitive edge, so that you stand out in the sea of wellness professionals and have clients lining up to work with you just like I do.

When you enroll, you get:

Weekly video modules, along with jam-packed, easy-to-follow content

8 professionally designed done-for-you handouts, covering the different hormone imbalances, complete with lifestyle and supplement suggestions for your clients

Private Facebook group to chat and collaborate with fellow colleagues and ask me questions—whether they are business or clinical related

An interpretation of your DUTCH test , so you can learn by working on your health first.

Only 12 3 spots available for this opportunity. 

Health coaches and other wellness professionals will have an opportunity to purchase the DUTCH test from Precision Analytical Lab for just $200 after enrolling in this class. The regular price for this test is $399, but I negotiated an extra discount for students in this program. This is an amazing discount not found anywhere else!

You’ll also get these bonuses!





Protein Powder Primer Guide, a review of 40+ commonly available protein powders on the market



Understanding Estrogen Detox with Dr. Carrie Jones, medical director of Precision Analytical Lab





Break Up With PMS Supplement Guide

Hi, I’m Maria Claps, a certified health coach, with advanced training in functional medicine hormone balance for women. As a hormone expert, I work with women all over the world to help them balance their hormones and feel amazing, so they can age gracefully.

My training includes:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Certification Program

  • The Hormone Cure Practitioner Program with Dr. Sara Gottfried

  • 3rd Age Women’s Health Certification

  • Nutritious Life Certification with Keri Glassman, RD

  • MTHFR, Methylation and Biochemistry Course from The Metabolic Healing Institute 
  • Menopause Method Course for Physicians with Dr. Daved Rosensweet

  • Mentorship with hormone scholar, Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Like you, I went to a typical health coaching school, got my certificate, but quickly realized that my knowledge was lacking. I immediately went on to continue my education, learned everything about hormones, and the DUTCH test. As a result, I’ve sky-rocketed my business.

BUT, you don’t have to do what I did…spend thousands of dollars and hours of your life learning alllllll things women’s hormones. 

All you need is my Hormones Made Simple + DUTCH Testing for Wellness Professionals mentorship program.

I’ve done the research, worked with hundreds of clients, and put in the time. Now I’m teaching you everything I know in an easy-to-understand program, so that you can be successful and have a waitlist practice, too!

Learning how to interpret the DUTCH test and help my clients with their hormones was the one piece my private practice was missing.

Maria’s course was detailed and thorough. The course is laid out succinctly and the interpretation lessons were invaluable.

Maria’s experience and thorough knowledge of the topic were evident.

My practice is thriving with women over 40 who are looking to improve their hormone health and I feel confident that I can support them now after taking this course.

Cindy Santa Ana, NTP, owner of “Unlock Better Health” 

If you want the hormone balancing knowledge that matters most

and you want to make the biggest difference in the lives of your clients,

this mentorship program is your answer.

Michelle M.

Michelle M.

I appreciate Maria’s knowledge of hormones and how she presents the material in this course. I liked the interaction & availability w/ Maria & the fact that she was available to answer individual questions was very helpful. And the content was very interesting. I feel I learned a lot and I like that I can go back & reference the course material whenever I need to. This course is a great value and I highly recommend it if you want to learn about the DUTCH test and hormone balance.
Carlien H.

Carlien H.

I liked the simplicity of how the program was put together. The course is easy to navigate and I like that it can be done in my own time. I have always read about you doing the Dutch test and I’m so thankful that you put this course together to teach other people about it. I like how Maria gave us the whole coaching process from start to end and how to use this new info to improve our health coaching businesses. 

I liked her way of teaching and all the extra tips she  gave along the way to make us succesful. Doing this course helped  me to understand my own struggle with hormones, which was invaluable.

I never thought I had a detox problem, but this showed me where I need to start working on my own health. 

Have questions? Check out our FAQs below!

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts on June 1st and ends on August 30th.  The modules are recorded and you can listen on your own time.

What do I get for this course?
  • 6  information packed, but easy to understand main modules (with 3-5 short videos each) on everything you need to know about, sex hormones, the DUTCH test, the HPA axis, how hormones change through the decades of female aging and adrenal health, menopausal hormone therapy, estrogen genetics and much more.
  •  8 ‘done for you’ handouts that you can add your branding to which cover the most common hormonal imbalances such as high cortisol, low cortisol, mixed high and low cortisol, estrogen balancing, low estrogen, high testosterone and low testosterone.
  • Blood sugar balancing protocol.
  • Supplement guide 
  • The ultimate daily detox guide for women
  • Guest interview with Dr. Carrie Jones (who is the medical director of the lab) on estrogen detox.
  • Facebook group for questions and support for 12 weeks
  • Opportunity to purchase a DUTCH test for $200 (normally $399).
  • Business coaching from me on how to implement this test in your practice.
I'm so busy, how time consuming is this course?

This course will take about 30-40 minutes per week of your time…not bad, right? I know how busy you are and designed the course to be easy to do and actually FINISH. The live course with my mentorship is 12 weeks long. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the materials inside the course platform for 12 weeks. If you would like forever access, you will be able to download the videos and handouts. 

Is this a course in hormone therapy?

This is not a course in hormone therapy. Although I discuss the scientific basis and benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy for menopausal women in one of the modules, it is not a comprehensive course in dosing BHRT.

Do I get any 1:1 time with you if I purchase this course?

This is a group course. There is no 1: 1 time with me, but I will be active and helpful in our FB group. If you are doing a DUTCH test, we will review your results in one of the 4 scheduled group sessions.

I do not live in the USA, can I still do the course?
Absolutely…all you need is a good internet connection.
What is the DUTCH test?
The DUTCH test stands for “dried urine total complete hormones” and its the premier test I use for helping to determine hormone levels in women. The test also has several nutritional and other markers. I cover this all in the course.
Do I need to buy a DUTCH test to participate in this course?

No, you do not. But it is a great way to learn on yourself while going through the course. About 60% of past participants bought a DUTCH test so they could learn on themselves. If you do buy a test and submit your samples to the lab according to the timeline, Maria will interpret your test in one of the groups interpretation sessions.

What is the the lab fee for the DUTCH test?

You will pay $200 for the test. On the DUTCH lab website, the test is listed for $399, so this is an incredible discount that is available ONLY for students of this course.

If I've already done a DUTCH test, will you be able to interpret it in this course for me?
No, I will not be able to. You will however, increase your knowledge greatly by going through this course.
Can I do a DUTCH test if I do not live in the USA?

Yes, you can. Shipping will likely cost you a little bit more, but the lab can ship the test almost anywhere in the world. Also, because the sample is biologically stable for 2 weeks, you can easily mail it back to the lab. It doesn’t require ice packs or any special packaging. Depending on what the postal system in your country is like, you may want to choose expedited shipping.

I am a health coach, and thus not licensed. Will I be able to offer the DUTCH test to my clients after completing this course?

The lab has the final say in who gets to have an account with them. However, depending on your status, you will likely either be granted a vendor account or a direct account. I discuss this thoroughly in the course and also guide you through the process of setting up your account with the lab, if you so choose to. This course is about the DUTCH test but also very much about hormone balance. You will learn a great deal about hormones even if you decide not to pursue your own account with the lab.

What are protocol sheets?
They are professionally designed, information packed, but concise sheets I have created on each of the different hormone imbalances. They contain lifestyle, nutritional and supplement suggestions. You can use them with your clients and add your own branding.
Can you assure me that my clients and I will have balanced hormones after this course?

I’m not saying that anyone will be perfectly hormonally balanced in 12 weeks. Balancing hormones takes time. For some it can take weeks, for others it can take months and for others, up to a year or more. But with this course your journey of understanding the amazing role that hormones play in your life will begin, and even if it takes longer than you’d like, you will always have the information and guidance that you need to improve your health and the health of your clients at the body’s natural pace.

What is the Facebook group like?
It’s a great place to ask me questions, whether they are business or clinical questions. It’s also a great place to chat and collaborate with your fellow colleagues. I am active and helpful in our Facebook group.
If I post my results in the Facebook group, will you be able to give me advice on my results?
No, I won’t be able to give advice on results, even in the Facebook group, without a health history intake form on you. I will, however, answer general questions, as may others who have already gone through the course and are knowledgable about the test.
Do you offer a refund?

We have a 7 day GUARANTEE. This program is jam-packed with valuable information to take your coaching practice to the next level. But if for some reason, you are at all unsatisfied, send an email within 7 days of starting to, let us know why you’re unsatisfied, and we’ll give you a full refund.

See what coaches who enrolled in the program had to say…

Janet G.

Janet G.

New Jersey

I would highly recommend DUTCH testing for Wellness Pros  to anyone wanting to learn how to interpret the DUTCH test.  

This course  is carefully formatted so that it prevents you from going into overwhelm, which is a common problem in online learning. Maria has a no-nonsense approach and is at the same time very approachable. No question is silly and everything gets answered. This was a very enjoyable and highly informative course.

One main thing I appreciated was that Maria lays out the explanations of everything she teaches in this course in a simplified but detailed format. She encourages the students to embrace the scientific terms so that they can continue their research and knowledge.  Everything about this course was great. I can’t think of a single way it could’ve been better. And to top it off, Maria’s natural and easy going personality made my experience even more enjoyable.

Connie G.

Connie G.

South Carolina

I highly recommend the Hormone Balancing course taught by Maria Claps.   The course was an excellent introduction to the DUTCH test and how to use it not only for myself, but in my health coaching practice.

Maria’s course does an excellent job of combining how to balance hormones and interpret the DUTCH test.  The class was well paced and the information was presented in an easy to understand format.  The length of the instructional videos was easy to do in one sitting and the learning was perfectly paced.

Maria makes herself accessible to her students for questions and has an excellent Facebook group for her students interaction and questions.She is very knowledgeable and shares this knowledge generously both during the course and after.  

I have referred back to the course  many times for both myself and clients, so it was well worth my investment.

Almarie F.

Almarie F.

Puerto Rico

I really enjoyed the hormone balancing course by Maria Claps. It was thorough on all counts and surpassed my expectations. The information provided shed light on the topic of hormonal balance and served as a good, solid introduction on how to read the DUTCH test. The forms provided are easy to understand and implement with clients.  Furthermore, the pace of the course was comfortable and the length of the videos makes learning easy. 

The FaceBook group provides great support. Maria is a wonderful teacher, super helpful and accessible. She will answer all questions you have, and if she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it for you.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the course, and can see myself implementing the information for my personal hormonal health, and the hormonal health of my clients. After taking this course, I no longer feel intimidated about this topic, and definitely see myself using the information time and time again in the future.

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