Recovering from Abuse!

Last week I received an angry email from my dad, who was clearly triggered by something I had said the week before. Unfortunately, he didn’t express his hurt in a functional way, but did it in an abusive way. He told me he never wanted to speak to me again and said...

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Are You Aging Too Fast?

The question is: Are you Aging fast? I love to have an occasional cocktail with my husband. It’s a lower sugar one, but let’s be real, alcohol is metabolized in the body like sugar. But, I’m not about bland perfection and I don’t live in a bubble. Instead, I’m...

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Bile: Dealing with Poor Quality, Slow Flow or No Slow.

Hi Friends... this is a series I am doing on Instagram, but occasionally, I will upload updates here, in my blog. Approximately 80% of women over 40 contend with poor quality bile, slow flow of bile or they just don't produce enough. ⠀ ⠀ You could change this with...

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I’m always amused when a health conscious person tells me that they take NO supplements at all because they’d rather get it from whole, real food. If you live next to a small, non-industrial organic farm, have access to a flock of free roaming chickens, butcher your...

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How I Became a Health Coach with a Focus on Hormone Balance

If you have an interest in wellness as a business, I am going to detail the steps of how I became a sought after women’s health coach and DUTCH hormone test expert as I get questions like this quite frequently: How do you have your practice set up? You’ve done so many...

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Understanding the 3 Levels of Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen is a wonderful hormone. Women primarily make it in their ovaries during their reproductive years and men make it in their testes, adrenals and via testosterone (through a process called aromatization). There are other estrogen production sites (called extra...

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