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Hi Friends… this is a series I am doing on Instagram, but occasionally, I will upload updates here, in my blog.
Approximately 80% of women over 40 contend with poor quality bile, slow flow of bile or they just don’t produce enough. ⠀

You could change this with food and supplements.

HERBAL BITTERS (my fav is Dr Shade’s bitters by QS Scientific). These bitters help to stimulate the production of bile. Take recommended dose 10-15 minutes prior to each meal. ⠀

EAT BITTER FOODS to get a similar effect as using an herbal bitters supplement. My favorites are radicchio, arugula and Brussels sprouts. If you struggle with eating bitter foods, introduce them slowly and add a few sweet elements to help you incorporate bitter foods. Why don’t you try an arugula salad with sliced dried figs. ⠀

BEETS are an excellent source of betaine (natural HCL). They help to thin bile. (Remember, you do NOT want thick bile).

Bile: Dealing with Poor Quality, Slow Flow or No Slow.
VITAMIN C One recent study showed that low vitamin C levels can inhibit conversion of cholesterol into bile. And with winter coming, who doesn’t need a little extra vitamin C anyway for immune support? I toggle between Standard Process Cataplex C and Designs for Health Liposomal Vitamin C. ⠀

OVEREATING is truly one of the worst things you can do for your health, stat. Consider this analogy… it’s like overstuffing your washing machine. Your clothes won’t get clean. Similarly, your production of HCL will be hard pressed to do its work, especially if you overeat protein (which is hard to do, since it is so satiating, but it bears a mention anyway).

INTERMITTENT FASTING simply takes some stress off your digestive system. At a bear minimum, put 12 hours between your last meal of the day and your next. You can then try 13 hours, 14, 15… you may not need to go much longer than that. It’s way easier than it sounds. Simply put: stop eating at 7 or 8 pm at night—go to sleep—wake up and then don’t eat until 9am or 10 am or 11 am. You can have a cup of organic coffee or tea. You can even have a little cream or milk in your coffee or tea…just keep it under 50 calories. ⠀

HCL PRODUCTION (basically, stomach acid). When you eat, HCL triggers release of bile. If your HCL production is compromised, your bile production will be too. ⠀

Do you plan on trying any of these suggestions?
If so, let me know.

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