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These are the 3 tests that are totally non-negotiable for every woman that I work with and WHY they are so important.

1) The DUTCH test allows us to look at your adrenals in depth, which play a huge role in your health as you age. It also gives us insight into whether or not you may have a thyroid condition and how well your liver is performing and whether you have rampant inflammation going on. Saliva testing doesn’t even come close–please do not waste your money on an adrenal and sex hormone saliva test.

The DUTCH test also allows us to see how you’re metabolizing your estrogen so you can avoid estrogen-dominant cancers such as breast, uterine, and ovarian, and to reduce or eliminate symptoms of estrogen dominance such as PMS, low libido, excessive post menopausal weight gain, and more.

2) The GI-MAP is the second non-negotiable test. It is a window on your gut. The gastrointestinal system is command-central of the ENTIRE body.

Gut issues include dysbiosis (which is more bad than good bacteria) to autoimmune disease to improper disposal of estrogen from the body (estrogen is a use it, then lose it hormone, which you need to appropriately lose through your gut).

An unhealthy gut will disrupt your hormones, put you at risk for autoimmune disease, exacerbate an already present autoimmune condition and interfere with your ability to absorb nutrients from your foods. All this equals accelerated aging and feeling downright crummy.

3) A full thyroid panel. If you are a woman in middle age (basically, 40+), slow thyroid is likely. The thyroid is the metabolic bus driver of the body. So many women tell me that they can’t lose weight, they are depressed and unmotivated, they are losing hair, they are constipated. These are low thyroid symptoms.

Very few women get thorough thyroid testing. Doctors are afraid of being audited, so most women will only get a TSH (which, hello, is not even a thyroid hormone! It is a pituitary hormone that tells the thyroid to make its hormones). TSH is an initial screening, that is it.

Incomplete thyroid testing leaves so many women in a state of unnecessary suffering. Not cool.

​A full thyroid panel will include TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, TPO antibodies, TGAB antibodies, TSI (if Grave’s is suspected) and sometimes I ask women to get antibodies to T3.

​If we are really digging down deep and I am working with a woman in my 6 month health strategy and support program, I may ask her to do these two additional tests (depending on symptoms):

1.Parietal cell antibodies. If a woman has + antibodies to the parietal cells, we know that she is barely making stomach acid and we need to get serious about stomach acid replacement. Strong stomach acid is your best friend as you age. ​It is the first line of defense in your immune system and it helps you absorb your nutrients.

2. Fasting insulin. This is NOT the same as glucose. Glucose is commonly tested on your comprehensive metabolic panel or ‘CMP’ for short, but not insulin!. So many women develop insulin resistance with age and poor lifestyle habits. If a woman is battling weight loss resistance, I ask her to have this test done.

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