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Are You Aging Too Fast?

Tonight, I’m making decadent brownies. Sure they are lower in sugar and gluten free, but let’s be real, they ain’t health food.

But, I’m not about utter perfection and I don’t live in a bubble.

Instead, I’m interested in fun stuff that extends middle age for as long as possible; the daily choices that extend not just lifespan, but health span.

That’s right, I believe health can be downright FUN!

Health span is the length of time you feel awesome and healthy, rather than tired, burned out, inflamed, and sick.

I’m not interested in increasing longevity if it means that I am lying in a hospital with multiple organ failure, or otherwise unable to ski or enjoy a good cocktail. Or restricting my calories and starving myself. I assume you aren’t interested in those either.

Health span is about the day-to-day choices that defy your genetic tendencies and fight diseases of aging, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Here’s the coolest part: the latest scientific evidence suggests that only about 10 percent of your risk of disease is due to genetics; the other 90 percent comes from those daily choices that you make about how you live life.

The Problem of Aging

Unfortunately, aging begins secretly in your body at a very early age. Maybe you noticed when turning 35 or 40 that metabolism becomes less forgiving. Most women start to notice aging in their forties, when fat starts to accumulate (but not in the places we want) and staying fit grows harder.

Welcome to MIDDLE AGE, defined as 40 to 65.

The key is to arrest aging in or before the end of middle age.

But before you pour yourself another glass of vino to lament the facts of aging, let me share some tips on how to age with confidence, beauty and your waistline intact:

  1. Ensure you remain sensitive to insulin-Insulin is a hormone that’s produced by the pancreas when we eat carbs. In middle age, you’ve got to minimize carbs and almost completely exclude refined carbs…stuff like bagels, bread, cake and candy.
  2. Maintain muscle mass-this is crucial beyond crucial. Im not talking running marathons….pick up some weights, and not the little one pound nothings.
  3. Check your thyroid-many middle age women develop thyroid problems. A thyroid check up is far more than checking levels of TSH in the bloodstream. You’ve got to check T3, T4, reverse T3 and antibodies.
  4. Dampen inflammation-inflammation is thought to be behind many of the diseases of civilization such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. You can dampen inflammation by:
  • Eliminating trans fats (found mostly in margarines, spreads and processed foods)
  • Eat more omega 3 fatty acids (high quality fish oil or consume lots of wild caught salmon and anchovies)
  • Eat your colors-lots of highly pigmented fruits and vegetables.
  • Check your micronutrient status. If you are missing crucial trace minerals like zinc, your body is not going to age well…zinc plays a large role in many body systems. I like to use the SpectraCell micronutrient test for my clients. It tests the levels of nutrients in the while blood cells which is a more accurate representation of nutrient levels in the body.

Because I am closing in on the half century mark somewhat soon, I have become interested in extending my own health span.

As a health coach and mentor to women, this is my passion…helping women to enjoy great health and vitality at any stage and age.

I am launching my signature method for healthy aging and hormone balance into the world in a few short weeks.

Will you join me? This program is based on my years of study and self-observation as well as cutting edge science in the area of women’s health and coaching hundreds of my female clients. The course is 100% online and will give 20 lucky ladies the ability to test their hormones using the best lab test available.

For more information on healthy aging and how to balance your hormones (a key concept to aging well) and to be notified of this course, please sign up for my free guide here. Getting this guide will get you on the priority list for this course.