When you hear the word conference, it confers thoughts of yawning and looking at your watch for the next break and perhaps sitting at long rows of tables with ice cold water and mints in front of you. Not so with the Paleo FX conference. The Paleo Fx conference is a dynamic, networking-foodie-social-learning-sustainability three day event.

What started out as a hobby with humble beginnings in 2012 by Keith and Michelle Norris is now a full fledged business that puts on a world class holistic health and networking event every spring in Austin, Texas with visitors coming from all over the globe.

I’ve attended ┬áin 2015 and 2016 and will definitely be attending in 2017 as well. You don’t need to be paleo to attend the conference and gain huge benefit from it. In fact, at the last conference, I actually met a vegan!


Mark Sisson of the blog Mark’s Daily Apple graciously stopping to pose for a picture with me


Here are my top 6 reasons you should attend Paleo Fx 2017, happening this year on May 19th-May 21st:

1.The exhibit floor- The exhibit floor is a well curated who’s who of the natural food world. There are other presenters that are not food related (such as skincare, saunas, fitness equipment and books), but really good foodstuffs make up the vast majority of this floor. You can snack and from booth to booth and may not even need to go to lunch.You can drill down deep and speak to reps and sometimes owners of companies and ask as many questions as you want. You can often get free products or ability to purchase product at a deep discount. Some of my favorites have been meeting the husband and wife team behind the best bread there is at Guiltless Superfoods to delicious Paleo Pizza to Safe Catch Tuna, a tuna fish company that tests every batch for mercury. Many times, you can have long chats with the owners of these companies and really get to undersand the passion and vision behind their endeavors.

2. The people- I must admit that when I first signed up in early 2015 to attend my first conference, I was slightly intimidated. After all, I’m not a crossfitter and my husband does not have a beard and tattoos. But the truth is that there is every walk of life at this conference from very fit to just average to those carrying around a few extra pounds. There really is a congenial, not competitive, atmosphere at the conference.

3.The social opportunities-Paleo Posse is the optional social service for all premiere ticket level attendees. It’s easy and fun and a great way to meet people. You fill out a short questionaire and Paleo Fx will connect you with 8-12 others who share similar interests. I still keep in touch with the people I met through Paleo Posse to this day and we look forward to meeting up every year.

4. The education-You can learn from and talk with people like Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Sarah Ballantyne and more. The conference is housed in the Palmer Events center and talks run from quick 20 minute basics to more in-depth discussions on everything from health to environment to relationships to sustainability initiatives with single speakers or panels of experts. There are also cooking demonstrations and tastings.

5. The networking opportunities- I was a guest on my first podcast, “Food as Medicine” by Dr Anh Nguyen as a result of meeting at the Paleo conference. I recently got a client from attending the conference. I don’t attend looking to pick up clients, but this happened very naturally. In fact, a friend and fellow attendee that I met through Paleo Posse hooked me and my client up.

6.The location-Austin is fun! There is something for everyone from nightlife to parks and recreation activities. There are tons of great restaurants (like Picnik and their sumptous butter coffee) and juice bars and it is also HQ for Whole Foods Market, which is like no other Whole Foods Market in the country. Be sure to visit it when you attend Paleo Fx.

I highly reccomend the Premier Pass for $327. Price goes up after 11/29, so get your tickets now!